Natural Spice And Ingredients - Manufacturers of pure and taste spices.

A spice company that manufactures and processes spice needs, with best practices & highest quality standards in the industry.

Helping the food industry with the best manufacturing spices

I got connected with Pavan, whose father owns a spice manufacturing company and they needed a website. Got up and running with a contract and started with the project.

Content Flow

The content was provided by the team members so that I can completely focus on the design as well as development. Being said that, I also helped in writing some initial versions of the content as well.

• To have an online home/presence about the company
• To build credibility and trust in the food industry
• To get clients who have specific spice needs

• People in food industry who are looking for quality spices

Success looks like:
• A finished website that showcases value props and services provided by the company
Content Structure:
- Home Page
• Intro about the company
• Value Props
• Manufacturing Services

- About Page
• About the company
• Team photo
• Contact Details
• Manufacturing photo gallery


The task for researching was to find out how others in the spice manufacturing space are doing a similar kind of job. Once, found out a bunch of such websites, took screenshots of all the landing pages to help me in the design process.

Based on the research, changed the order of the structure to make sure a user understands everything the company does the moment he lands on the website and then provides other information regarding the services they provide.

The Style Guide

The main aspect regarding the landing page was to think about how to showcase content on the website and also build credibility. Once, having a rough idea and having sample content flow, went on with the style guide.

Since the main aspect was to showcase credibility, chose Avenir Next as the font, which correlated well with the theme.

Brainstorming & Wireframes

Based on the research and content flow, brainstormed the wireframes on pen & paper first and then converted that to high-fidelity wireframes on Figma.

Converting Wireframes to Final Design

Since wireframes were already high-fidelity, adding original content to design the final website was easier. But, the hard part was to deal with the client constraints though the client was a really good.

I had a different set of inputs when the first version of the design was done. Later based on feedback from various people, the team helped in creating the final design.

First version (Design) of the website

Final version (Design) of the website

Website Development using HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

Recreated the style-guide first for faster website development and converted all the requirements from design to development. Also worked on responsiveness to make sure it's properly accessible in all screen sizes.

Added various transitions and animations to make the experience better.

Check out the website to see the full design👇 Also, if anyone in your network is in food industry and looking for affordable & quality spices, do contact the company.

Link to Website

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