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Helping established content creators showcase their work

Redmon contacted me on Twitter regarding help with his website on Webflow. The task was to recreate the website hosted on Wix to Webflow.

I had no design work here. All development and migration of content to Webflow. Once the complete migration is done and the website was live, I found some problems which can be solved. The second version of the website started with redesigning the entire web application.

Since most of the content on the website was interviews (text format), the visual design wasn't great. Also, the user experience wasn't that great either. But the web app did its job. But there were always some concerns arising from the content creators and the users. Based on the feedback, redesigned the entire website.

Content Flow

The content was already present in the live current version of the website, which helped me to completely focus on the design

• To help content creators grow by showcasing their work on the platform
• To help new early-stage / aspiring content creators access interviews easily

• Early-stage / aspiring & established content creators

Success looks like:
• Help established content creators to reach more people
• Help aspiring content creators to grow faster

Content Structure:
- Home Page (A dashboard having links to different pages)
• Intro about the Creator Mindset
• Newsletter subscription
• Featured interviews
• Latest content added
• Featured resources
• Latest Interview Episode Highlight

- Interview Page
• Content creator bio
• Content creator social links
• Full interview content
• Interview highlights
• Resources
• Other similar interviews

- Content Creators Page
• Detail page showcasing all content creators

- Tools Page
• Links & Descriptions of all tools used at CM

- Blog Page
• Blog snippets written by CM

- Blog Detail Page
• Blog Title, description, Image & Content
• Highlights
• Resources
• Other similar blogs


The main problems we got from the feedback are:
• Searching for any particular type of content creator was hard - eg., search by topic, or industry type, etc.
• People wanted highlights of the week in a short note which lets them know how many new interviews were added.
• For a new user who lands on the website, he/she couldn't figure out what the website was for.
• Most users just skim the interviews and read-only parts that they felt interesting. They would miss out on a lot of other useful information from the interviews.

Based on this feedback, got new features to be added that would improve the overall experience of the website. Here are the solutions for the above problems:
• Help users discover content by search bar as well as filter options. Filter / Browse by - Topic, Guest, Industry & Type of work.
• Make more people subscribe to the newsletter which sends the best of the week.
• Send a weekly update of new interviews & featured/interesting resources on the website in the form of a newsletter.
• A better homepage which better communicates what Creator Mindset is.
• Showcase highlights, key takeaways, and resources for each interview.

Also, The task for researching was to find out how others in the content creator space are doing a similar kind of job. Once, found out a bunch of such websites/web apps, took screenshots of all the landing pages to help me in the design process.

Based on the research, rearranged the structure of the website to make sure a user understands what Creator Mindset does and what he gets from the website.

The Style Guide

The main aspect regarding the web app was to think about how to make the content & the site look fun and interesting. Based on this theme, and also with sample content available from the previous versions, created a style guide that suits the theme. Choose a dark theme to make images and colors stand out that correlates with the theme.

Since the logo had already been created, had to take colors from the logo to fit in the website. So, chose turquoise, green, and orange colors along with black and white shades. Regarding typeface, chose Gotham & Segoe UI as fonts that correlated with the theme.

Brainstorming & Wireframing

Based on the research and content flow, brainstormed the information architecture & wireframes on pen & paper first and then converted that to high-fidelity wireframes on Figma.

Converting Wireframes to Final Design

Since wireframes were already high-fidelity, adding original content to design the final website was easier. But, the hard part was to search for patterns that complement the website theme and content.

Website Development in progress

The web application that I redesigned is still to be developed completely. So, the development process is in progress.

Check out the previous version of the website to see the design differences between the previous version and the redesign version 👇 Also, if you're a content creator looking for good interviews from established content creators, please do visit the website.

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