Product Designer & Maker

3+ years of experience with a strong sense of business and product. I’ve designed experiences for consumer and enterprise products, helped build and scale design systems & mentored designers in my free time.

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Design values I live by!

Design Philosophies

Simple & Intuitive

I believe a good product is simple and easy to use. In order to be simple enough to use, it must also be intuitive enough for the user. Simplicity is what makes the best products stick.

Systems Thinking

I believe design should be in a way very similar to how devs code. Most designs I create are using auto-layout & interactive components, using which I've built & scaled design systems.

Problem-solving > Pixel Perfection

Rather than creating pixel-perfect designs, designing is actually solving problems. Products that solve a real problem will always win over products that look good.


For any business, one needs to understand the users' needs, pain points, & habits. Making a product that makes users' lives easier is what makes it successful & drives business.


Here are some of my popular dribbble shots. These are mix of my work - both professional and personal projects.

Other Side Projects

Here are some of my other side projects. These projects are to imporve my skills and inspire others to improve theirs as well.